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"Suicide is a National Problem . . .
Suicide Prevention is a National Priority"
- from the Senate #84 and House #212 Resolutions unanimously passed during the 105th Congress

Resolved, That the Senate (or House)
1. recognize suicide as a national problem and declares suicide prevention to be a national priority;

2. acknowledges that no single suicide prevention program or effort will be appropriate for all populations or communities;

3. encourages initiatives dedicated to:
    a) preventing suicide;
    b) responding to people at risk for suicide and people who have attempted suicide;
    c) promoting safe and effective treatment for persons at risk for suicidal behavior;
    d) supporting people who have lost someone to suicide; and
    e) developing an effective national strategy for the prevention of suicide,

4. and encourages the development, and the promotion of accessibility and affordability, of mental health services, to enable all persons at risk for suicide to obtain the services, without fear of any stigma.

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