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Men in America die 7 years younger than women. For all 15 leading causes of death, men have higher death rates. Their attitudes and behavior are the main cause of men's shorter lives.

For example, men are both less interested in and less knowledgeable about health than women are. And because they are less interested in and less knowledgeable about health, they have less healthy behaviors and greater health risks. Men also perceive themselves as less susceptible to disease and injury than women, and this perception further increases their risks.

Whether healthy or ill, women engage in far more health-promoting behaviors than men and have much healthier lifestyles. Research shows that men, compared to women...

Have less-healthy diets
Have higher blood pressure and do less to control it
Die younger
Go to the doctor less frequently
Sleep less
Engage in more criminal activity
Have smaller social networks
Have fewer active social relationships

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Many of the issues that are important for men's health are (or will be) discussed in other sections of this website. Therefore there is no special mention in this section. Of particular interest and importance form many men are the two topics of Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence) and Prostate Cancer, which are discussed below.


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  How is Impotence Treated?  


  What is Prostate Cancer?  

  Treatment Options  

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