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What Kinds of Herbal Preparations are There?

Herbs are available in many forms, depending on the type of plant and its use. Some plants are best used fresh, but they are highly perishable. Dried, chopped or whole herbs can be steeped as teas (infusions) or simmered over low heat (decoctions). Some fresh and/or dried herbs are preserved in alcohol (tinctures), while others are better suited to vinegar extracts, syrups, glycerites (in vegetable glycerine) or miels (in honey). Freeze-dried or herbal powders also come in bulk, tablet, capsule, paste or concentrate (4-6 times regular strength). Other ways to administer herbs may be by suppositories, creams, gels, liniments, oils, compresses, steams, aromatics (oils) or baths.

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