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Atopic eczema is a condition that follows a relapsing and remitting course. It predominates in infancy and childhood but may persist or recur in adults. Management is aimed at preventing dryness, itch and inflammation whereas treatment is directed at disease activity and its suppression. Both should address the emotional and physical symptoms and be tailored to the individual patient. Primary care physicians will frequently be involved in the diagnosis and management of patients with eczema. Many will respond to the regular application of emollients and the intermittent use of topical steroids while others will follow a more chronic course necessitating second or third line therapy.

This eczema program has been designed to assist:

  • People who think they may have eczema
  • People who have been formally diagnosed with eczema by a medical practitioner and wish to learn more about the skin disease and how to better manage and treat their symptoms
  • Carers of toddlers/children or people with eczema
  • Others who wish to improve their understanding of this often debilitating skin disease.

The program contains general information about eczema, its prevalence, symptoms and potential causes. By simply visiting this site, you've taken the first step towards becoming "eczema educated." Thank you for your interest and best of luck on your journey towards better health.

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