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Eye and Vision Care  

Eye Care Professionals

There are several different types of eye professionals.

Ophthalmologists are physicians who have special training in eye disease and vision. they can do surgery.

Pediatric Ophthalmologists have special training in children's eye and vision problems.

Optometrists are health professionals with training in eye health and vision. They can diagnose eye problems and prescribe glasses or contact lenses.

Developmental optometrists are optometrists who have special training in the development of children's vision and its effect on learning.

An optometrist may refer a child to an ophthalmologist for certain tyypes of problems. an ophthalmologist may refer a child to an optometrist for certain types of treatment.

Important Information to Share with an Eye Doctor

Have a written list of the problems that made you think your child has an eye or vision problem. If the child is in school, ask the teacher to add to your list.

If the child is old enough to talk. ask them about what they can see or how words or pictures look to them. Write down any comments the child makes about his eyes or ability to see words or objects.

Write down the questions you want to ask the eye doctor. If you think the child has a certain problem or needs certain treatment, write those down and ask the doctor about them. If you don't ask you may always wonder if the diagnosis is really correct or if some other treatment would be better


The sooner an eye disease or vision problem is found, the sooner treatment can begin. Many problems can be treated with good results. However, if detection and treatment are delayed then a child's vision can suffer. For school-aged children, the lack of treatment can seriously hurt their chance of success in school.

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